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Creative Movement Practices


Our Artistic Vision:

​We strive to be a production company focused on bringing Theatrical Movement and World Building to the forefront of all of our productions. Whether we are re-imagining classical texts, producing a well-known play or musical, or providing a workshop or premiere of new work,​ we want to connect to the audience through movement.  

Our Company Ethos:

We are committed to facilitating an inspiring, transformative, and collaborative space for theatre makers to practice, hone, and establish their craft. We strive to create an environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully to the creation process, and have equal opportunities for growth and success.

In order to provide equity for actors of all background we are committed to:

  • Providing need-based tuition tiers for classes and workshops.

  • Providing Childcare assistance to any actor, technician, crew member, or production staff member through the rehearsal process of any of our productions.

  • Foster a collaborative space for all actors by adhering to a code of conduct that places respect, teamwork, and body autonomy at the forefront of ALL practice. 

​ Whether we are producing a show, or simply providing services for your production (Direction, Choreography, Movement Direction, Intimacy Coordination or Choreography), we are committed to providing a nurturing environment based on the tenants of respect and self-care.

Meet our Founding Artistic Director
Sarah Sneesby Headshot.jpg

Sarah is a Director, Choreographer, Movement Director, and Theatrical Movement and Intimacy Practitioner based in Houston Texas. With over 15 years of training and industry experience, she knows first hand that the human body is an amazing instrument and the primary storyteller actors and dancers use to portray information. She creates her work with stylistic accuracy and technical quality focusing on movement being the primary means to externalize thoughts and intentions.  As a dance and movement instructor, with both an artistic and scientific training background, she has a passion for helping artists of all ages develop new technical skills and push their preconceived notions and self-imposed boundaries to discover new ways to tell stories with their bodies.


Sarah graduated with distinction with her MFA in Movement: Direction and Teaching in the Fall of 2021, with a research emphasis in the use of embodied linguistics in rehearsal rooms. She has also taken courses in intimacy training from TIE and utilizes their best practices for consent, body autonomy, and physical contact.


​Her time in London took Sarah's backgrounds in theatre, dance, and choreography and began the molding process of transforming those separate skills into one of a movement specialist both for the classroom and rehearsal room. Sarah takes a wholistic, embodied approach to working with her students, and teaches techniques to the individual body rather than a uniform aesthetic. She strongly believes that her role is to adapt to the need of the individual actor or performer to provide a movement language that best connects with the individual.


As a freelance director, choreographer, and dance teacher, Sarah has worked on a variety of projects in several capacities. She has experience working with and teaching all ages from pre-K to adult professional actors. To view Sarah's body of artistic work, please visit her website:

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